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Dental restorations, like dental implants or denture implant anchors, typically require a strong, healthy bone structure to anchor them in place. If you suffered bone loss in the affected area from oral trauma or periodontal disease, Dr. Shad Ingram might recommend having a bone graft installed in advance of the restoration.

This is a simple outpatient oral surgery that often requires deep sedation. You will need to arrange for a friend or family member to drive you home afterward as the sedative effect may take awhile to fully dissipate.

Dr. Shad Ingram can sample the grafted bone tissues from your chin or a special surgical-grade cadaver. Dr. Shad Ingram will then make a small incision in your gums to gain access to the underlying bone structure. The grafted bone material will then be set into place and the gums will be sutured closed. As time goes on, your body will naturally integrate the graft into your existing bone structure.

The length of your recovery process will depend on your age, overall health, and quality aftercare. Tobacco use can prove to be significantly troublesome as it can irritate the gums, increase healing time, and potentially cause an infection. Be sure to follow the recommendations of your dentist.

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