Improve Your Bad Breath Today

Did you know you can improve your bad breath today? Well, it’s true! Bad breath can be a problem in your life, and prolonging treatment can make it worse. To help you, Drs. Ingram, Ingram and Ingram with VIP Smiles in Syracuse, Utah, is here to tell you how you... Read more »

A Dental Crown Restoration Might Need to Treat Tooth Enamel Attrition

Tooth enamel attrition is a chronic condition that can result when two or more teeth rub together at an unnatural angle. Also known as dental attrition, it can gradually lead to increasing tooth sensitivity, and tooth decay. In some cases the compromised structural integrity of the tooth can lead to... Read more »

At-Home Dental Hygiene Basics

Many of us learned basic oral hygiene habits as children. Now that we are all grown up, it’s a good idea to review our techniques and make sure we are keeping our smiles healthy! Let’s review some at-home dental care basics.   Brush: Brush your teeth for two minutes, twice... Read more »

Love Your Smile With Dental Veneers

If you are interested in a tooth restoration treatment that takes years off your smile by addressing your unwanted dental flaws and improving the overall appearance of your teeth, we invite you to consider dental veneers. These cosmetic shells are thin yet durable and can cover the faces of your... Read more »

Every Dental Exam Includes a Screening for Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer

Dental checkups are just as important for maintaining good oral health, as your daily oral hygiene routine. This calls for attending a regularly scheduled dental cleaning and exam at a qualified oral health clinic like VIP Smiles, every six months This outpatient appointment is designed to clean and polish your... Read more »

Decrease Cavities and Maintain Your Oral Health this Holiday Season

The holiday season is filled with mouth-watering desserts and yummy treats. however, it can also mean an increase in decay from sugar and acid – for children and adults alike. Read today’s blog to learn how you can decrease the chances of cavities and ensure your oral health is in... Read more »

Why Is Gum Disease Harmful?

To achieve a healthy and beautiful smile, you need to protect your gums as well as your teeth by brushing and flossing every day. Neglecting your smile can lead to the development of gum disease. We encourage you to take steps to prevent gum disease because it’s harmful to your... Read more »

What Can I Expect After a Dental Filling Treatment?

After you fix a tooth with a dental filling, there are a few side effects you might experience. This is completely normal and expected. To help you know what to expect after dental filling treatment in Syracuse, Utah, our dentist, Dr. Shad Ingram, is happy to give you some after-treatment... Read more »

How Does My Dentist Diagnose a Cavity?

Do you ever wonder how your dentist diagnoses a cavity while you’re sitting in the dental chair? If so, our dental team is happy to tell you how! Sometimes cavities aren’t always noticeable with the naked eye, so to detect the hard-to-see cavities, Dr. Shad Ingram accurately diagnoses the cavity... Read more »

Understanding How Mouthwash Works

Getting rid of plaque from your pearly whites at least once per day is an essential part of an awesome hygiene routine. When plaque sits on teeth for too long, it can fashion tartar, which eventually leads to periodontal disease. Rinsing with a mouthwash solution, in addition to brushing your... Read more »