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The holiday season is filled with mouth-watering desserts and yummy treats. however, it can also mean an increase in decay from sugar and acid – for children and adults alike. Read today’s blog to learn how you can decrease the chances of cavities and ensure your oral health is in great shape:

– Reducing sweets can help decrease decay, so choose fun things for the stocking, including nail polish, hair accessories, socks and ties, or small bouncy balls, crayons, cars, and other fun toys for children.
-Instead of candy canes on the tree, make some colorful ornaments with your children or loved one, and adorn it with tinsel and other bright colors.
-Toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss make for great stocking stuffers, which will help remind your family of the importance of keeping their teeth clean.
-Make memories with your loved ones, such as going to a fun holiday movie, seeing holiday lights, putting a puzzle together, or building a snow fort.
-Instead of a sugary candy bowl, sugar-free peppermints, or ones made from Xylitol, or sugar-free and reduced sugar candies are a better choice for your oral health.
-Upping your brushing and flossing can never hurt, if you’re eating an increased amount of sugary or acidic sweets.
-A thorough cleaning and oral examination at VIP Smiles is a great way to maintain your oral health after the holiday. So, if you do ingest more yummy goodies this holiday season, you can start over fresh for the new year, with clean and polished teeth!

If it’s been a while since you’ve been to your dentist, call us today to get an appointment with Dr. Shad Ingram, Dr. Richard Ingram or Dr. Clive Ingram. You may reach us at 801-776-3000 and get more information about decreasing your chances of cavities and maintaining your oral health in Syracuse, Utah. We look forward to your visit soon!