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Dental checkups are just as important for maintaining good oral health, as your daily oral hygiene routine. This calls for attending a regularly scheduled dental cleaning and exam at a qualified oral health clinic like VIP Smiles, every six months

This outpatient appointment is designed to clean and polish your teeth, while also looking for signs of tooth decay, periodontal health problems, and other oral health problems. This might also include preventative measures.

A basic screening for early signs and symptoms of oral and pharyngeal cancers is also included at the end of the dental exam. Left unchecked or undiagnosed the treatment rates for these cancers can drop significantly.

Dr. Shad Ingram will do this by examining your tongue, cheek, gums, and throat for any aberrations, deformations, or changes in color. If you have been experiencing discomfort or any abnormal symptoms in your throat or mouth you should tell Dr. Shad Ingram.

If Dr. Shad Ingram notices early signs of oral or pharyngeal cancer, he will refer you to an oncologist or another oral care specialist to confirm the diagnosis and start developing a treatment plan.

If you’re in the Syracuse, Utah, area and you have an oral health concern, you should not delay in calling 801-776-3000 to schedule a checkup at VIP Smiles.