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Third molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth are an evolutionary remnant from a time in human evolution when our ancient ancestors survived on a diet of roots and hard foods. In modern times wisdom teeth have become little more than a nuisance, and are capable of causing significant complications to your oral health.

Dr. Shad Ingram often recommends having your wisdom teeth removed at some point after all of your permanent molars have come in.

The average person has four wisdom teeth, but it is not unheard of someone to have as many as six or no wisdom teeth at all!

Wisdom teeth often start to emerge from the gums during late adolescence. Early symptoms often include a deep ache in the gums or rear of the jaw. Some people complain of tension and pressure in the jaw muscles as well. An impacted wisdom tooth, trapped in the gums can cause to pain, infection and potentially damage their existing molars.

Even if one of your wisdom teeth manages to emerge from your gums without complications, it will require regular brushing and flossing to prevent cavities. Emergent wisdom teeth are often challenging to clean, leading to significant complications further on down the road.

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