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Do you ever wonder how your dentist diagnoses a cavity while you’re sitting in the dental chair? If so, our dental team is happy to tell you how! Sometimes cavities aren’t always noticeable with the naked eye, so to detect the hard-to-see cavities, Dr. Shad Ingram accurately diagnoses the cavity with a simple and effective process.

First, your dentist will inspect every single tooth in your mouth with a special dental tool. As he runs the tool over the surfaces of the teeth, two things can happen: The tool could stick in place or run smoothly over the surface. If it sticks, it’s a sign there is damage to the tooth enamel, which is usually a cavity.

Second, your dentist can take detailed pictures of your mouth during your dental exam with the help of dental X-rays. These pictures show the teeth, tooth roots, and underlying bones as well as any problems in those areas. This can help your dentist identify a cavity that is hiding deep in your mouth.

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