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If you favor beverages high in sugar, acid and pigmentation, be careful. These drinks are by no means tooth-friendly, and can result in staining and tooth decay. Read the list below to see if your favorite type of drink is listed.

1. Soda

The high sugar and acid contents in soda soften the enamel (the hard, protective layer over your crowns), leaving your teeth vulnerable to cavities. In 2014, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group resolved to market smaller drinks with reduced sugar to lower calorie intake.

2. Alcohol

Used as a drying agent in chemical procedures, alcohol has the same effect on your mouth. It reduces your saliva (your mouth’s organic bathwater) and creates an acidic environment, which softens your enamel. The high sugar content also increases your risk of cavities. Red wines in particular leave heavy stains on your teeth over time.

3. Coffee

Coffee contains intense color pigmentation known as chromogens, which attach to the surface of your teeth and stain them yellow. Depending on your preference, your coffee may also contain high levels of sugar.

4. Tea

Black tea and other dark blends can stain your mouth even more than coffee due to their high levels of tannin (a bitter organic substance found in bark and other plant tissue). Green and herbal teas are less likely to stain.

5. Sports drinks

While sports drinks replenish electrolytes and are a preferable beverage to water after a hard workout, they contain high acid contents that endanger enamel. In fact, sports drinks are even worse than soda.

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