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If you are interested in a tooth restoration treatment that takes years off your smile by addressing your unwanted dental flaws and improving the overall appearance of your teeth, we invite you to consider dental veneers. These cosmetic shells are thin yet durable and can cover the faces of your foremost teeth to create a gorgeous smile.

The following benefits of dental veneers can help you fall back in love with your grin:

– We can customize your dental veneers to your specific preferences and needs, crafting the tooth color, shape, size, and shine that you want.
– Any tooth enamel loss resulting from tooth decay can be regained with dental veneers.
– Dental veneers can also improve teeth that are discolored, stained, fractured, or broken and are more stain resistant than your natural teeth.
– You can improve minor instances of malocclusion with dental veneers, including improving spacing issues and large tooth gaps.
– If you care for your dental veneers as you would your teeth, they can last ten years or so.

We would be happy to tell you more about the uses of dental veneers in Syracuse, Utah, when you visit VIP Smiles to speak with one of our talented dentists, Drs. Shad Ingram, Richard Ingram, and Clive Ingram. You can reach our office at 801-776-3000 today!