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Is your smile lacking any teeth or are you in line for a tooth extraction soon? Would you like to guarantee that your jaw will remain strong with a full smile for future use? Replace your lost or extracted teeth with reliable treatments such as dental implants.

Your oral health services guide for dental implants features the following attributes:

– Missing teeth should be corrected because otherwise, they can cause your jawbone to weaken and deteriorate over time.

– Dental implants are linked directly to your jawbone for a lasting hold that can withstand tough or hard foods.

– A full smile can make you look younger and help to enhance your self-esteem.

– Dental implants can be altered during the design phase and can mimic the natural look of your teeth.

– Dental implants fix the gaps left behind by lost or missing teeth for a full smile and strong dental profile.

– Leaving craters in your mouth where missing teeth once belonged can be dangerous for your oral health and can even destabilize your gums, causing nearby teeth to shift out of position.

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