VIP Smiles has used air abrasion technology to exceed our patient’s expectations since the 1980s. We were one of the very first dental practices in Utah to begin offering the advantages of micro dentistry to our patients. For most patients, air abrasion enables our dentists to complete their fillings without drilling, shots, or injections to numb the teeth, and with little or no discomfort. Call us today to learn more about micro air abrasion in Syracuse, Utah, and schedule your appointment with Drs. Shad, Richard, and Clive Ingram.

Micro air abrasion works by using a concentrated blast of air, similar to a sandblaster, containing very fine particle of aluminum oxide. This blast clears away the decay to leave your tooth healthy and intact, conserving more of your natural tooth structure.

Facts about micro air abrasion:

  • First used in Dentistry in 1943 in California
  • First used by Dr. Ingram in the 1980’s
  • 1000’s of fillings placed over the years at VIP
  • Patients prefer this to drilling and shots
  • No Pain, No Shots, No Noise, No Burning Smell for most patients
  • Much smaller fillings that save healthy tooth structure
  • Less time in dental chair, average time is 2-3 min compared to 20-30 min/ filling
  • Fewer appointments as more fillings can be done in one visit

For more information about micro air abrasion, and to make your appointment with our dentists, please contact our practice today. You can also visit this website to learn more about air abrasion dentistry.