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If you have broken or damaged teeth, or suffer from a cavity, consider restoring your smile with tooth-colored treatments that make use of CEREC® technology. Rejoice in the benefits of CEREC crowns and fillings. Here are a few tips about CEREC:

– In order to ensure the best fit possible, your dentist can adjust the crown as it is being crafted.
– CEREC crowns are also normally called same-day crowns because they are famous for being ready in a single day. That eliminates the need for a temporary crown as you wait weeks for your crown to arrive from a lab.

– CEREC crowns are fully customizable and designed based on each individual’s tooth’s precise needs.
– CEREC crowns can often last over a decade before needing to a potential restoration.
– CEREC crowns are crafted and milled at the dentist’s office using a computer which ensures quality and precision.
– CEREC technology is also used in tooth-colored dental fillings.

For an examination for a CEREC treatment by VIP Smiles at our office in Syracuse, Utah, please book an appointment with Dr. Shad Ingram and our team by calling 801-776-3000. We look forward to hosting your smile!