Tooth extractions in Syracuse, UT are a dental procedure that dislodges a tooth from its socket. The thought of having your tooth pulled out by your dentist is a common fear that made almost everyone dread dentists’ appointments. Extractions are a tough thing, as they often represent the last option in treating many dental issues. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 7% of people in the US would have lost at least a tooth to decay by age 17. Statistics also reveal that dentists pull out a reported ten million wisdom teeth every year.

Reasons Why You May Need A Tooth Extracted

After your milk teeth fall out, the permanent ones that grow to replace them should last a lifetime. However, certain situations can arise that necessitate tooth extraction because leaving the tooth in place could create severe health issues. Some of these reasons are:


  • Tooth Impaction 


A tooth becomes impacted when other teeth and gum tissue block it from coming out, leading to one tooth’s growth pushing against another. It may also occur due to the surrounding gums not fully erupting to enable the tooth to come out. Impaction leaves your tooth open to infection, causing tender bleeding gums and pain together with swelling around your jaw. Your dentist will most likely recommend the tooth extraction to lower the risk of disease and save you from discomfort. 



  • As a Solution to Periodontal Disease


Gingivitis and other worse forms of gum infections can sometimes deteriorate to the extent that the only viable option is to have teeth extracted. Progression of the condition to deep layers like the alveolar bone is often the stage that gum diseases have to reach to necessitate extraction. The build-up of bacteria like plaque and tartar on the teeth is the cause of gum disease.



  • Irreparable tooth decay


The build-up of tartar around the teeth and gums, combined with the frequent intake of sugary drinks and snacks without brushing, can lead to severe tooth decay. The cavities that will slowly build up on the teeth’ surface and the deposits of bacteria from poor oral hygiene will compromise your teeth integrity by eating away at its enamel until it attacks the pulp. This phenomenon may produce intense pain and swelling, and your dentist may recommend the complete extraction of the tooth to avoid further health concerns.

What is It Like Having Your Teeth Extracted?

Your tooth extraction experience in Syracuse will depend on the nature of the procedure. There are two main types of dental extractions- simple and surgical extractions.



  • Simple extractions


For simple extractions, your dentist will first anesthetize you and then proceed to loosen your tooth, moving it back and forth till forceps dislodge it. Simple extractions are the most common types of dental extractions and are performed when the tooth is visible- almost always.



  • Surgical Extractions


Surgical extractions require a more precise approach to tooth removal, so dentists reserve this procedure for teeth that are not easily accessible inside the mouth. Under general anaesthesia, your dentist will make an incision into the tissue surrounding the tooth, and in most cases, the tooth will be fragmented into pieces to make it removable.


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