At VIP Smiles, we’re committed to treating every patient as a VIP, giving them a spa-like service that feels nothing like going to an ordinary dentist in Syracuse, UT.

Our dentists are utterly committed to their work and passionate about rebuilding and restoring your smile. Whether you need a simple hygiene appointment or a full mouth rebuild, we’re here to help. Our expert, trained, and licensed practitioners, not only provide state-of-the-art services but help you feel relaxed as well. We’re committed to personalized care and ending the dread that can sometimes accompany going to the dentist.

Our dental practice is located in Syracuse, UT. Syracuse is a town in Davis County, about 30 miles north of Salt Lake City. Syracuse has a relatively large population of 26,000 people.

The first person to work on the land near modern-day Syracuse, UT, was David Cook. He was able to settle in the area under the Homestead Act and began plowing up ground in 1876. The area was relatively barren to start, but with the construction of the Hooper Canal bringing water from the river, things improved. The farmers living in the area could get water for their crops and had enough left over for fruit farming.

The name of Syracuse came from Salt Lake salt-maker William Galbraith, who printed the word Syracuse on all of his products because of the town in New York State with the same name.