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Would you be surprised to learn that a cracked tooth may cause a number of issues? While having a cracked or chipped tooth may not seem like a serious issue, it could actually result in a number of complications. Fortunately, there are also several solutions you can consider, and a few things you can do to help you deal with your discomfort until you can visit our dentist.

A cracked tooth could be caused by a cavity. If this is the case, you’ll probably have to cover the weakened tooth with a crown. You see, if you don’t care for a cracked tooth, your crack could slowly extend to the root of your tooth. Once this happens, you’ll be more vulnerable to infection, sensitivity, and even tooth decay.

However, while visiting a dentist as soon as possible is important, you may need to wait a few days. Luckily, there are a few things you can do at home to alleviate any discomfort while you wait. For instance, you could place gauze on the cracked tooth or apply a cold pack to your cheek to alleviate pain and swelling. You may also consider using dental cement, which you should be able to find at your local drugstore.

When you do visit our dentist, we’ll assess the condition of your mouth and offer you any personalized advice you need. Sometimes, for a minor crack, you’ll just need to have your tooth smoothed out. At other times, our team will fill the crack with a specialized filling material. More serious breaks may need root canal therapy and will usually be covered by a crown.

If you have cracked or chipped teeth, please don’t hesitate to contact VIP Smiles at 801-776-3000. Our dentist, Dr. Shad Ingram, and our team will examine your tooth and see what damage you may have. We are here to help restore your healthy, confident smile!