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Are you unfamiliar with dry mouth? Not to worry, our team is here to provide important information on this common dental problem by providing the foundational facts:

– Dry mouth can be prevented: You should not have to suffer from dry mouth, and the good news is that simple lifestyle changes can help protect your smile from this condition. Some lifestyle changes to consider are drinking more water during the day, limiting your intake of caffeine, drinking water or drinks free of sugar at mealtimes, chewing sugar-free gum, giving up harmful habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco and setting up a humidifier in your room at night.

– Saliva is a natural ally: Saliva keeps your mouth wet, preventing dry mouth from occurring. The role of saliva in your mouth goes beyond this, though, protecting your teeth from decay and infection, making chewing and swallowing smoother and helping you in digesting food.

– Dry mouth can occur commonly: Every patient experiences dry mouth during their lifetime, such as when they are nervous, stressed or upset. However, if your mouth frequently feels dry out on a regular basis, you may be suffering from dry mouth much like millions of Americans that have condition, even if they don’t realize it.

If left untreated, dry mouth can cause damage to your teeth. If a lot of your day is spend with dry mouth in Syracuse, Utah, we encourage you to speak with our dentist by giving VIP Smiles a call at 801-776-3000 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shad Ingram.