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The natural processes of aging can dim your bright smile over time. The layer of dentin underneath the enamel (from which your teeth get their color) darkens as we get older. Stains from food and other sources can also accumulate. Because of this, many people decide to explore their teeth whitening options. At VIP Smiles, we offer a variety of teeth-whitening treatments to suit your needs.

The difference between the many over-the-counter whitening treatments you can find on the market and one of our professional-grade options is the strength of the whitening compounds they use. Our in-office Sinsational Smile® treatment, for example, can whitening your teeth multiple shades in only 20 minutes. It uses powerful whitening gel combined with a special activating light to give nearly instant results.

We also offer powerful take-home options as well, including convenient Sheer White® whitening strips. These are more effective and work quicker than store-bought whitening strips. We also employ custom whitening trays for more dramatic results.

Regardless of your whitening needs, the dentists at VIP Smiles can help. If you would like to learn more about our professional teeth whitening treatments, or any of our cosmetic dental procedures, please call our office here in Syracuse, UT, today. We are excited to work with you!