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At VIP Smiles, we’re proud to offer our patients the latest and best oral technologies. One of the technologies we offer is laser dentistry, a powerful, efficient set of methods for performing dental treatments with lasers. Many of our patients have asked about what laser dentistry entails; here are a few of the services laser dentistry can be utilized for.

Cavity detection. Using soft tissue lasers, we can detect cavities before they’ve done too much harm. The laser finds derivatives of tooth corrosion, enabling us to begin treatment to contain the cavity.

Crown lengthening. A common service in dentistry is crown lengthening, where the exposure of your chompers and gums reveals more surfaces of your teeth for restorative services. By working with both soft tissue lasers and hard tissue lasers during crown lengthening, we can form you the smile you deserve.

Oral fillings: Hard tissue lasers used during dental fillings might eliminate bacteria inside cavities, increasing the overall health of your teeth. Additionally, dental lasers can reduce the use of oral drills, the traditional tool used during oral filling procedures.

Fear relief. Many advances have been made in all aspects of dentistry in the recent years. Despite this, many people still have a fear of oral procedures and dental devices. A good side effect of laser dentistry is fear reduction; the lasers used in laser dentistry are invisible and quiet, meaning that lots of people favor them to traditional dental apparatuses.

We’re thrilled about the possibilities of laser dentistry, and we hope that seeing some of these examples has helped you share some of our enthusiasm. If you’re ready to visit VIP Smiles in Syracuse, Utah, call 801-776-3000 now to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Shad Ingram.