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Wisdom teeth are essentially vestigial third molars that can develop deep within your child’s gums during adolescence. Most of the time there is insufficient room in the back of their mouth to accommodate the emerging teeth. This can cause excess pain and lead to other complications. It’s possible for a trapped or impacted wisdom tooth to threaten the roots of their healthy rear molar.

To alleviate any potential pain and prevent further complications Dr. Shad Ingram can extract the wisdom teeth. This is typically recommended in late adolescence after all of their permanent molars have fully come in.

Dr. Shad Ingram can perform the extraction in a single appointment. If he recommends full sedation they will need a ride home while the sedative effect dissipates.

A diet based on soft foods is best while their gums are healing. Your son or daughter will also need to avoid drinking through a straw. The suction could potentially open the incision and cause dry sockets.

Tobacco use can complicate the healing process. It could even cause a dangerous infection in the healing incision sites. If you know that your son or daughter uses tobacco products, you should encourage them to embrace a cessation program.

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