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Are you about to get your wisdom teeth removed? If so, we can help you! Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure that many people undertake every day. Removing your wisdom teeth is an essential step in maintaining a healthy smile. Luckily, our dentist, Dr. Shad Ingram, and his team are happy to help you with every step of the process, including the recovery process, so you know you are on the right path to a healthy smile.

To help you make the most of your recovery process, here are some tips that our team at VIP Smiles has put together:

– Ice packs: Ice packs are beneficial in situations where you are suffering from inflammation and extreme swelling.
– Avoid exercise: Exercising or working out can wear out your body’s energy levels, which would be better used for recovery time.
– Regular checkups: Make sure you stay in touch with our dentist so that you can reach us quickly if any problems arise.
– Eat soft foods: Eating soft foods is important to ensure that your mouth can heal properly. Hard or crunchy foods can irritate the extraction site.
– Follow instructions: After you have a wisdom tooth pulled, you’ll need to listen to our dentist and follow instructions he may have.
– Sleep: Try to get as much sleep as possible so that your body has ample time to heal.

If you need help with your recovery, or if you have any questions about your wisdom teeth removal in Syracuse, Utah, please call us right away at 801-776-3000. Our professional team is happy to help you through the process and address your concerns.