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If you’re tired of your imperfect smile, then it’s time to think about how cosmetic dentistry can help you. Fortunately, Dr. Shad Ingram and our dental team offer many cosmetic treatments at our office. One effective and beneficial treatment is the placement of dental veneers.

Dental veneers can give you your perfect smile if you let them. They disguise your imperfections in just two short appointments! To help you know a little more about dental veneers in Syracuse, Utah, our dental team is happy to explain the details involved in the treatment process.

First, our team will create a customized treatment plan for you. To help us, explain the smile results you are trying to achieve. That way Dr. Shad Ingram will know the type of dental veneers you need. Then, he will inspect your teeth to make sure this treatment solution is the perfect one for you. If it is, he will make sure your teeth and gums are in great condition.

Second, your dentist will prepare the teeth. This is done by trimming the enamel to make room for the veneers. Typically, only a half millimeter will need to be removed from each tooth. When your teeth are ready, he will take impressions of them and will send those impressions to a dental lab where your veneers will be custom made.

Third, your dentist will check and bond the veneers during a second appointment. Once your veneers are ready, Dr. Shad Ingram will check the color, size, and fit of the veneers and will make any necessary adjustments. Then, he will deeply clean the teeth and roughen the surfaces. This will help the veneers adhere to the teeth. Next, Dr. Shad Ingram will apply dental-grade cement to the veneers and will place them over your teeth. To keep them in place, your dentist will use a special ultraviolet light to harden the cement.

Would you like to enhance your smile with dental veneers? If so, call VIP Smiles at 801-776-3000 and schedule an appointment today! The sooner you call our office, the sooner you’ll have your dream smile. We look forward to helping you!